Previously commissioned custom drill design for marching bands

If you are looking for one of Michael’s designs at a significantly reduced rate, you may be able to find it here. These are drills that have previously been commissioned, and have been proven to be successful in a competitive environment.

These drills were written for specific instrumentation numbers, and would need to be altered to fit your particular group’s requirements. You will be provided with the Pyware files to do so yourself, or it is possible that Michael can do it for an additional charge.

All of these shows were designed to musical selections provided by the group that commissioned the drill. If you find a drill and show that you would like, Michael can connect you with the arranger or composer. To view some past drills, go to the marching band PORTFOLIO page. Due to copyright law, some selections will need to be arranged or some copyright permissions will need to be acquired. Michael can help facilitate this process by connecting the interested parties.

For information on NEW drill designs by Michael, go to CUSTOM DRILL DESIGN.