Pride of Cincinnati: Summer of Love

Pride of Cincinnati: Summer of Love

WGI Independent World Class Bronze Medalist, 97.35

Voted Fans' Favorite!

Pride 2010 soundtrack

2013 WGI Finals performance

Video segment by WGI on the performers of Pride 2010

WGI Indianapolis Regional Finals (March 2010)

Low cam–WGI Indianapolis Regional Finals (March 2010)

WGI Dayton Regional Finals Feb 28, 2010

WGI Dayton Regional Prelims Feb 27, 2010

WGI Indianapolis Prelims March 13, 2010

Signs used in Summer of Love show

Early season competition

Early show at Connor HS: Show not complete

Rehearsing rifle exchange

April 9, 2010 Run through day of WGI Semi Finals 2010

Feb 6, 2010 Pride Pizza Party