Carroll HS: Castles Made of Sand

Carroll HS: Castles Made of Sand

Music: "Castles Made of Sand" performed by Tuck and Patti

1993 Scholastic World Class, 7th place, 84.70


Performance 9: Ohio Circuit Championships

Performance 8: WGI Mideast Regional

Performance 7: WGI South Regional: Pensacola

Performance 6: WGI Midwest Regional: Chicago

Performance 5: Westerville South HS

Performance 4: Northmont HS

Performance 3: Carroll HS show

Performance 2: New Philadelphia HS

Performance 1: Lexington HS show

Behind the scenes after WGI Finals

Rehearsal footage: 5

Rehearsal footage 4

Rehearsal footage: 3

Rehearsal footage: 2

Rehearsal footage 1