Centerville HS: Rhythm Nation

Centerville HS: Rhythm Nation

First year in WGI Scholastic World class

Music: Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson

WGI warm up and tunnel

Performance: MEPA Championships

Performance: MEPA Championships

MEPA Retreat and Award ceremony

WGI MidEast Regional performance: March 13, 1994

Performance at Miamisburg HS

Couple of performers before show at Miamisburg

WGI MidSouth Regional performance

Before the performance at WGI MidSouth regional

Performance at Carroll HS on March 30, 1994

Performance at Northmont HS January 29, 1994

Rehearsal footage

Rehearsal footage 2

Rehearsal footage 3

Rehearsal footage 4 plus prop Dads

Michael Gaines is interviewed about 1994 Centerville show

Director Jodi Hollis is interviewed about the season

1994 Memory video