Pride of Cincinnati: Alcatraz

Pride of Cincinnati: Alcatraz

MG: "This was the first year that I came back to teach Pride, and we made the decision to go all male for the first season."

WGI Independent World Class Bronze Medalist, 96.3

Music from Interview with the Vampire (Elliot Goldenthal)

Documentary about Pride made in 1997

Exhibition performance at MEPA

Performance at Vandalia Butler HS

2nd Performance at Vandalia Butler HS

Prelims and Finals at WGI Portland Regional

Local show performance on January 26, 1997

First performance of the 1997 season

Early Camp learning choreography

Learning flag work for show

January 24, 1997 rehearsal

January 24, 1997 rehearsal part B

January 24, 1997 run throughs

Early season run through

Camp weekends: Jan 4th and Jan 7th, 1997

rehearsal and Evaluation performance

November 3, 1996 camp weekend

First camp weekend: October 1996

Learning choreography: January 18, 1997

1997 Pride of Cincinnati–WGI Finals