Staging design for indoor competitive percussion ensembles

As the indoor percussion activity has grown, Michael has strived to create unique visual designs and staging in order to keep pushing this art form forward. An understanding of movement principles, in addition to marching principles, informs Michael’s design choices.

Michael can be contracted to provide staging for indoor competitive percussion groups. He prefers to stage these shows on site, and in person with the performers, in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the cast, and to collaborate with the in house creative and technical staff. If time does not allow for on site design, then utilizing Pyware’s drill design software is a possibility as well.

Once contracted, Michael will be actively involved in design discussions about music, concepts, props, and floor designs. These conversations will mostly take place via conference call and emails, with the possibility of an occasional face to face meeting if time allows.

Contact Michael for quotes as design fees may vary.